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Gaelic Phrases - Gnath Fhocail Ghoirid

Here are some phrases used in everyday Gaelic - enough to give you a smattering.

General Phrases

Fàilte Welcome faaltshæ
Madainn mhath Good morning matin vah
Latha math Good day/It's a nice day laah mah
Feasgar math Good afternoon,evening fesker mah
Oidhche mhath Good night! oychæ vah
Tìoraidh an dràsda Cheerio for now! tsheearee an draasda
Gabh mo leisgeul Excuse me gav mo leshkæl
Tha mi duilich I am sorry haa mee doolich
Tapadh leibh Thank you taphæ leyv
Mòran taing Many thanks mohræn tigh-ng
'Se ur beatha You're welcome shey oor behah
Glè mhath! Very good! glay vaa

Questions & Responses

De man a tha sibh? How are you (polite/plural) jey mun a haa sheev
Ciamar a tha thu How are you (informal) keemar æ haa oo
Tha gu math, tapadh leibh Very well, thank you haa goo mah tahpæ leyv
Chan eil dona Not bad chan yeyll donnæ
Tha mi sgìth I'm tired haa mee skee
Dè an t-ainm a tha oirbh What is your name? Jey æn tenyæm æ horæv
Is mise... My name is... Iss meeshæ...

The Weather

Tha e fliuch It is raining haa eh flyooch
Tha e tioram It is dry haa eh tshirræm
Tha e blàth It is warm haa eh blaah
Tha e fuar It is cold haa eh fooær

Useful Words

Oifis a' phuist Post Office offish æ foo-ish-tsh
Fòn Phone fohn
Taigh-òsda Hotel tigh ohstæ
Taigh-beag Toilet (lit. the wee room) tigh bek
An taigh tasgaidh Museum æn tigh tasskee

Festival Particular

Co tha a cluich a-nochd? Who's playing tonight? co aha cloo-ich a nocht
Cait a bheil... Where is...? catch a vail ? oifis ...the office? ...un offish teant? ...the tent? ....un tent bar? ...the bar? bar larach campachaidh? ...the camp site? ...un laruch cawm-puchee
Is caobh leam ceol Ceilteach I like Celtic music is kæ lum kyal kell-chuch




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